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Number of people: 10+

Equipment: Any (probably better with swords and shields) Plus some line markers (cones, rope, etc.) and objects.

Teams: 2

Rules: Each team has a zone (Picture endzones on a football field) that they cannot walk on, but holds their relic. The goal of the game is to get to the other team's zone, pick up their relic, and throw it on the ground (essentially smashing it to pieces) while defending your relic from the opposing team.

The only exception to not being allowed on the holy zone is to run after an enemy team player that has stepped into your zone. When they die, you need to get off the holy zone ASAP.

This would probably work best on a longer stretch of space and with a bunch of people.

Variations: Each team could have a priest, or someone that is allowed to walk in their team's holy zone even when there is no enemy inside of it.

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