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Re: Meeting discussion

I think, very loosly anyways, that's how things kind of work now. The people who organize things on and off the field are people who would likely qualify as Assembly members. And the people who are active and dedicated members who the former draw consensus from, would already qualify as Citizenry. This is just a system meant to give things proper names and to most importantly encourage organization. The purpose of it is really less about making the big decisions and more about providing a proper structure and the beginnings of a defined laid out order of operations that might help use get things done a bit smoother. There are really cool things I believe we could be doing together and the drive for it is there, but because there are instances were we lack organization we miss out. (Though in some instances it is my personal lack of organization that does it)

If we went with this set up or something similar the meetings would be open to all to voice opinion and Citizenry will hopefully be designed to have the final say.

Perhaps this set up as is is a bit too much for the number of people we have now, but perhaps something similar could be designed to be expanded and contracted when needed could be devised? Maybe having the Assembly numbers allowed to exists be in some proportion to the amount of Official Citizenry?
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