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Flamewake 2012

-There is no fee for the cookout. Bring PLENTY of water. It gets very hot and humid in Tallahassee.

-Potluck style event, please bring food for the potluck. If you don't want to bring a food dish, feel free to donate foamsmithing supplies. Remember, though, that if no one brings food, no one will have food to eat.

-Dagorhir rules (Garb highly encouraged).

-Dagorhir Waivers will be present on site and must be filled out before you can fight. Minors must have their waivers signed by a parent and notarized or will not be allowed to participate in any fighting.

-Weapons Check will take place when event staff arrive on site and will last until 12:00PM Latecomers can look for the head weapon checker, Meager (Bill Mock), as needed.


-10:00AM-12:00PM: Pickup fights and munchies.

-12:00PM-2:00PM: Scenarios.

-2:00PM-2:30PM: Extended water break and chow time.

-2:30PM-3:00PM: Magnus's Shot Mechanics class.

-3:00PM-4:00PM: Tournaments**:

-Tournament 1: Single Sword Tournament. Pickup fights.
(read as: no flails)
-Tournament 2: Sword and Board Tournament. Pickup fights.

-Tournament 3: 5v5 Tournament. Pickup fights.

-4:00PM-5:00PM: Main Scenario (Story Battle)

-5:00PM-5:30PM: Special presentations, tournament awards, and

-5:30PM-Sundown: Pickup fights and munchies.

-Sundown: Start to pack up, clean up, and go.

**Tournaments will have a sign up sheet. No submissions
for entry will be taken after 2:30. You can pre-register
for the tournaments if you are unsure as to whether
you will be at the event in time to sign up for the ones
you wish to participate in. Send Meager (Bill Mock) a
message if you want to pre-register.

Dagorhir Waiver: [sign in to see URL]

Also, if we find that attendance will be exceptionally high (40+) we may look into renting the big pavilion for the day.

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