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Winter War 2012: The Orc Invasion

Info provided by Kensman Bam of Cu Sith (with editing by Cordane).

Event location:
Dragon Hills Retreat (*see Cordane's write-up below*)
2800 Hwy 5 W, Bowdon, Georgia 30108
(770) 258-0863

Thursday, November 8th - Sunday, November 11th.

Fee: $20
This includes feast on saturday night. No change in price for daytripping.

Site opens for guests: 3 PM or 15:00
Logistics ([sign in to see URL]. troll): Opens @ 3 PM or 15:00
Weapons check: Friday 10:00 AM
           Saturday 10:30 AM

Warm up battles: 11:00 on Friday and 11:30 on Saturday

Main battle: Scenario based combat battles. (Playing for locations on a RISK style map.)

Closing battle: The Gauntlent starting at 4:30 PM or 16:30

Tourney: Assassin’s Tournament, single blue, red, spear, sword and board, 4 horseman, and maybe a test run of jugging. Tournament times are TBD.

Feast: Saturday night @ 7 PM or 19:30

Event ends: Saturday night @ 9 PM or 21:00 - followed by Night time entertainment to include, drinking and merriment had by all, (some less the drinking more the merriment! Huzzah!)

Additional information: The King has settled into his reign and has become complacent. Now a new force has arisen and they plan on taking what they claim is theirs. The King’s land and if need be, his head. Come and join us at Dragon Hills for Winter War 2012.
There will be onsite vendors, and cabins available onsite (first come first serve basis. Contact Dragon Hills directly for this.)

Cordane's Addendum (READ THIS!):
Alright, with all of that formality out of the way, let's cover some basics. We have some folks who've done one or none of the previous events, so we'll need to get some things squared away. I'm going to copy and paste together some of my info from previous events. You all need to read all of it, and make sure you know it.

It's behind the Red *Something* Horse Ranch. You have to drive down their driveway, past the house, farm, and horse-training stuff, to a hut where the woods start.

This hut is "troll." Troll is the facility where your dues are paid. You pay, sign the release (like we have at practice), and get your event tag. Then, you're able to move in to the camp. Phone connection dies pretty hard out there, so calling for one of us might be tough.

I'd start asking around ASAP for Cordane or Canaur. We're getting pretty well known out there now, so there should be quite a few folks who know where we'll be. If you find Cu Sith (pronounced "Koo Shee"), then they'll know me and know where I am. Same goes for Atlantis (the folks in teal/black). If all else fails, ask for Eryndor. They'll welcome you if you claim Deakon. They'll then help you find the Canaur camp, as they should definitely know us.

You'll need sufficient garb to cover your naked body for one evening and two full days. Personally, I don't mind if it's the same clothing, but you'll be fighting in it, so... you know... deodorize or something. Might want to make it a little warmer than what you're wearing at our hot campus practices (see CLIMATE section below). Get to the field, pitch your tent, then use it to change into garb. You should be in garb before your leave your camp to meet other realms.

Remember, you have a Dag Name! USE IT. It's part of your garb. No one wants to know your real name (unless they ask you for some weird reason). For most of us, you'll be "[YourName] of Canaur." Most realms there know about Canaur, and they'll identify you this way. For the new Thomorians, I want you to identify as "[YourBadassName] of Thomoria." You can then say that we're a unit of Canaur, if you like.

I generally bring hotdogs for fire-roasting dinner for one or two nights. Otherwise, you should bring other things that are easy to grab-and-eat.

For this purpose, fruit is a real winner. Grab a sack of oranges - they last quite awhile, they're easier to grab and eat, and they're full of orange juice (you'll need the hydration). Also, I usually bring two of the large bags of beef jerky. The protein works wonders, but the salt requires you to eat it ONLY after battles. Don't try it before or you'll dry yourself out while fighting.

Additionally, I bring beer for night-time consumption. Not much nutritional value (depending on who you ask, I guess), but it'll fill you up if you drink enough!!

Oh, and also there's a Wal-Mart about 15 minutes down the road.

But!! If you would rather have actual COOKED food, just bring money. For pretty cheap, you can buy actual hot food (to the tune of quesadillas, sausage biscuits, and hamburgers, depending on time of day) from the on-site kitchen.

The hosts of the event own a large horse ranch. The area where we fight is behind this ranch, and upon it sit several building, including a kitchen.

Most of the food can be purchased from the food for, as I said, very cheap. I think most items are around $2 to $3, depending, and they'll fill you up. They also serve coffee for us addicts.

If you brought about $25, you could probably eat like a king (or, at least, a king who is eating from a ranch-kitchen-diner).

Generally, I combine the two. I bring my own stuff, and I eat from the kitchen. Honestly, having someone serve you a hot breakfast is THE BEST EVAR (!!) when you're wandering around groggy in the cold morning.

Very important part (!!!!!): Buy and bring your own 24-pack of water bottles. You'll thank yourself. I'll have my own 24-pack.

It is COLD during those nights up near Atlanta in November. Make SURE you bring lots of blankets and things for your tents (else you will freeze during the 28 degree nights - not good for us Florida folks). If possible, do your best to acquire a cloak before then as well. You'll thank yourself a hundred times during the weekend if you do.

If you're able, find a warm body to sleep next to. If said multiple bodies are able to produce additional heat through various means, that might also be effective to combat the cold. Use good judgment and any accessories that might be prudent if such a situation presents itself.

The following is a list of items that you should strongly consider packing along. This list is NOT necessarily complete, and you may think of other things. Please consider the following (especially the firewood, as we cannot guarantee dry firewood at the campsite):

- 24-pack bottled water
- Bundle of firewood ($[sign in to see URL] at Publix!)
- Roll toilet paper
- Extra blankets
- Sleeping bag
- Towel/Soap/Shampoo (if you want to bathe)
- Light camping food
- Adult beverages
- Camping/Lawn chair
- Skewers for food
- Sufficient garb
- Neat garb accessories/feast wear
- Musical instruments (only if you can play them please)
- $20 to get in the door
- Spending money, if you can afford any
- Lighter fluid, matches
- Axe, hatchet
- Bamboo tiki torches, torch fluid
- A tent (again, duh?) or plans to bunk with someone
- Your game face
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Re: Winter War 2012: The Orc Invasion

Since this is away from most of society is it safe to assume there are few to no sources of electricity?

~~May your Hoopak swing true~~
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Re: Winter War 2012: The Orc Invasion

There are plugs up near the kitchen and the barn. Nothing near the camps.
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Re: Winter War 2012: The Orc Invasion

Assume you will have no electricity. You aren't going to want to sit around in the barn all day when people are having fun.

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