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Meager the Blacksmith.

Never having been one for the freezing winters and chilly summers of Thomoria, Meager kept busy and warm by his forge making and repairing the tools of his clan. It was only after Cordane, the leader of the greatest clan, ventured far beyond the mountains of Thomoria that Meager had to learn to make martial weapons. As the lesser, oppressed clans vied for control of the Thomorian quarries, lumber yards, and various valleys filled with rich soil, the hunters of Meager's clan traded in their bear-pikes for the bone shattering glaives, towering bulwarks, and sharpened swords of the Thomorian warrior. Arming soldiers, however, was not going to ward off attackers by itself. Meager's clan needed to find powerful friends and so sent a handful of envoys, tradesmen (including Meager himself), and warriors to seek out Cordane to forge an alliance between their two clans.

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