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Journal Entry by Shogun

We have been traveling for quite some time now and the secret of Vivienne's tablet still eludes me. It took us many months to reach the Shuk-tan library and the books we found were written in a script as alien to me as the ones inscribed upon the stone. Several have joined our cause to rid Canaur of the corrupt principalities that have infested it. The time is coming where we will be ready to reveal ourselves.

Next entry written 3 week later

Words... the words... there are words in the book that mean things! I have begun to comprehend the meanings but I still don't know the words. The books, they speak to me. I am compelled to write this down so that if this work consumes my mind or even kills me that posterity might know that it was the books that did this. the work I am doing is damned. cursed texts, but I don't know why. What do they say!? In the darkness the books tell me "By Blood it is done" I have tired giving the books the blood they crave, but it seems to to be enough.

  next entry is written in blood and strands of hair are stuck to the page

The voices won't stop! still i cannot read the accursed script. I have poured over the ancient dwarven writings on demons, dragons and giants. Nothing in all the histories of my people going back before the modern world is anything like this written. Did they know? have they all known that this was the price THEY KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!

the next page is also written in blood
Books need royal blood. I have a name. Maigean. The books want Damshire blood.

No entries are written for several pages we know now that during this time Shogun disguised himself as a wandering dwarven historian and traveled across Thomoria. Shogun claimed to be searching for ruins of the lost dwarven cities that legend told was buried deep under the Thomorian mountains. To prove the worth of his claim Shogun offered to sell reproductions of ancient dwarven armor. Thomorians, being proud of the armor they crafted themselves, would never buy his wears. Shogun finally found the Thomorian prince Malductimus Maigean and offered to him as a gift Dwarven chain mail from the legendary cities of old. Graciously, Duckie accepted the armor and wore it under his own and invited Shogun to feast with them. Now while Shogun swears it was demons with in the chain mail that killed the prince by ripping out his soul, several Thomorian witnesses claim they saw shogun get very drunk and stagger over to the princes seat. With a bellowing roar "NEMESIS" he slit the princes throat and disappeared into the darkness before Higure, the princes body guard, could stop him. Shogun does admit to stealing a horse and absconding with the Princes body. A small army of Thomorians in pursuit Shogun headed directly for a small Nemesis encampment in the cliffs. A deadly lemur assassin and his slave were set to guard the entrance while Shogun explained to Arkas and Vivienne what he had done and why. They were all convinced shogun had gone entirely mad.

Aza, a half-breed elf girl who had newly joined the ranks in hopes of gaining revenge on tormentors that sent her into exile because of her lineage, came up with a solution. Shogun would be stripped of his authority in nemesis. Arkas, being the best fighter among them would take charge. Vivienne and Shogun together would be in charge or recruiting and ceremonies. If through research and rituals shogun could prove the worth of his claim he could be redeemed. Vivienne was to watch him and overlook all the studies he did.

Next Journal Entry

I have done it. Upon placing a drop of the Damshire blood upon the books the script became legible. There are all sorts or rituals to old gods contained with in here. Th are 7 tomes with corresponding rituals near the centerfold. One speaks of sealing away chaos and one speaks of releasing it. then 5 rituals are tributes to the elements of chaos. Much with in these books talk about the Æther and 5 deities sealed away there. One of the 7 tomes is dedicated to a blood god. In the beginning the blood god had two heads. One to give life and one to take it away. Long ago the God that gave life tore off the head that delivered death and cast it into the inferno so that may man may live for ever. From the inferno rose up 4 other Gods bearing the head. Now wreathed in flame they placed it upon a great bird and set it on the world. The gods of Chaos vowed that though they would never walk free the mortals of the earth would never reach their full potential.

Though the voices have stopped I know now that they are the voices of the Chaos gods calling me to know the truth. I have begun bottling the Maigean blood for use in other rituals. I do not know if this is the only blood that holds the power to unlock these seals. perhaps in time a new name will be revealed to me.

Nemesis escaped the Thomorian Lands Traveling west toward Vivienne's homeland. They would Avenge her people. Then Shogun would head south to bring his new madness to his homeland.

Blood for the Blood God!
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