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Shield Wall

Number of Players: 6+

Equipment: Shields and single blues

Teams: 2

1. Each team will consist of shield bearers and a sword bearer. The shield bearers may only hold a shield and the sword bearer may only hold one single blue.
2. When the sword bearer on a team is killed, the round is over and the opposing team is declared victorious. (There is only one sword bearer per team)
3. Shield bearers are not invincible.

In the event that there are not enough shields to go around, teams can have multiple sword bearers and the shield bearers may be invincible. The team that loses all of their sword bearers would be the losing team.

Recommendations: Everyone should do their best to work with their teammates so that they can make openings in the other team's defense and allow the sword bearer to get through.

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Re: Shield Wall

Good concept. I like where you're going with it.

As written, I think this would turn into a shield-check-fest favoring larger combatants. Without the fear of being swatted with a quick weapon, larger tanks with shields will simply bowl over smaller combatants.

You might consider ammending the ruleset to restrict running shield checks. Shield kicks and stand-still shield bashes would still be ok, I think. Actually, you might even restrict shield-bearers from running at all. Only the sword-bearer may run ("Urgh! Shields are heavy!"). This would provide an interesting puzzle dynamic for the sword-holder to attempt to "open the box."

Good idea.
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