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Ragnarok XXVI 2011

Information about rag. Let me know if you are interested in going. Attempting to go as a group would prove a lot cheaper than as a individuals.



Our website is up, here is the official information about Ragnarok XXVI! I will be modifying this thread from time to time as new details become available.

Ragnarok will be held at Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA, the week of June 12th-19th, 2011. The campground will be closed to mundanes for this week, giving us prime camping space, which should allow for 50-75% of camps to have access to power hookups, and 100% of camps to have running water. There is no noise restriction / curfew. If you desire a camp in the quiet family area (no drumming or loud parties after 11PM) please indicate this in your registration.

Pre-Registration is available now through the end of May. Thank you for your patience! When registering, please indicate your character and unit name in your shipping information (billing information should be your mundane name and address)

For adults (18 and over), Ragnarok will be $50 for the week pre-reg, and $55 for the week on site. Minors age 3-17 are $30 if pre-reg, and $35 on site. On Thursday June 16th at 6AM, the price drops to $35 adults, $20 minors. On Friday at 6AM, price drops to $30 / $15, and on Saturday the price is $20 / $10. No day passes are available.

There is a meal plan available. It will run 7 days, any two meals per day at $[sign in to see URL],(this could change slightly due to unstable market prices.) Last year it was $[sign in to see URL]. Their hours are 7am-9pm, and they are working on a staff for an 11:30pm-2:30am shift with a limited menu. They are offering a full breakfast menu, and a large variety of lunch items such as hot and cold sandwiches, pizza, fresh salads and fruit. Dinner will include the lunch items plus a special hot meal every day. Midnight meals will be hoagies and pizza. You can register for the meal plan inside 'the barn' attached to the camp store.

Merchant Registration can be handled by emailing Galadriel@[sign in to see URL].

Cooper's Lake does not allow pets at this event.

Minors are only allowed to be on site while their parent or permanent legal guardian is on site.

Early arrival to the event is reserved for Merchants and set up crew. Ragnarok takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, please respect this and not show up early without prior consent. After registering, those individuals who must come early (like camp masters, event staff, and merchants) will be sent an email from Galadriel. All approved early arrivals will be on a written list we submit to the campground. If you must show up early to Cooper's Lake and are not on the approved list, it is possible to do so, but it will cost you $30/person/night ($15/minor) in addition to the normal Rag fees.

Expect more structure during land grab, especially on Runestone hill and Eryndor woods.

We are currently waiting on quotes from two shuttle bus companies to provide transportation from the back of the campground to the fighting field during peak hours. The dumpster cleaning company has been replaced this year, and should be much more reliable. Also, when it comes to Porta-Castles, please be aware that these will only be cleaned twice during the week - if one is filled in your area, a new clean one will be provided next to it, but it will still only be cleaned at the scheduled time. I recommend scheduling your nightlife events near the flush toilets by the lake, by the fire pits & weapons check on runestone hill, or up by the amphitheater / merchant's row. Due to campground restrictions, full size RVs will once again not be allowed at Ragnarok.

Additional amenities, rules and regulations will be found on the Ragnarok website, and I will answer questions on this thread when I able. I look forward to seeing you both on and off the field as we celebrate the 26th end of the world!


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